Snap runs 5 week long photographic projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. From Lubumbashi in the southeastern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo to Kwide near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Volunteer student and newly qualified photographers teach children from some of the poorest parts of the world new skills and give them to ability to express themselves in pictures.

As Silver’s partner charity, we have built Snap from the ground up, from the overall brand identity to the fully responsive website.

“Working with Silver to bring Snap to life has been an exhilarating experience. Our cool brand, smart website and wonderful mission films combine to tell a very powerful and compelling story as we approach B2B customers for support. The Silver crew have been unstinting in their work ethic and support to get our and their wonderful charity off the ground.”

Remy Whiting and Graham Dodridge, Snap Founders

Silver Creative Services

More about Snap Foundation

Snap has been formed through a mutual love of photography and the desire to share this love with communities who don’t have access to photographic tools or equipment.

Volunteers from all walks of life join us on trips around the world to create unique photography programs for the children.

Photos are something that we take for granted, but imagine having no record of your memories, no photos from your first day of school, your graduation or your wedding…

We have seen first-hand the joy that photography can bring to these communities and we don’t want it to stop, so please support us by donating or volunteering with us today!

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