Godi, previously OSTC FX, is a global company that offer clients end-to-end foreign exchange and international trade solutions tailored around individual business needs. Silver were chosen by Godi to support them through a rebrand and website that would differentiate themselves from the competition, and position them as the de facto choice for current and prospective clients.

Silver ran a series of workshops with the Godi team to extract the information required to craft a new name to replace OSTC FX, develop new brand messaging and visuals, as well as brand activation materials such as a mission video and brochure.
In addition to this, Silver also created a cutting edge website and all supporting content.

“Our journey so far with Silver has been great. We started off working with them on our rebrand, which has since expanded to brand activation, campaign and a new website! They’re not only creative, but strategic and are always just a phone call away.”

Teresa O’Sullivan – Head of Marketing, Godi Financial (‘Godi’)

Silver Creative Services

Godi Financial began life in 2012 as OSTC Foreign Exchange (OSTC FX) to look after the execution of its parent company’s (OSTC Group) foreign exchange exposure. OSTC Group at the time was reliant on a combination of banks and brokers for all its risk management capabilities, but found the available products and support far less knowledgeable than what was available in-house. They offer a range of clients full end-to-end international trade expertise and service encompassing FX risk management, currency exchange, finance and education.

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