The total-experience video was situated in the new Ericsson experience centre, to demonstrate Ericsson’s extensive TV and media services in an interactive and engaging way.

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The emergence of the Networked Society is re-shaping all industries and empowering the consumer like never before. Mobility, broadband and cloud are the primary enablers of change where 15 billion connected; video enabled devices by 2020 will drive an appetite for video that will create unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

As the Media industry moves from the digital era, to the internet era of television and undergoes a period of unprecedented disruptive transformation, the traditional media value chain is being broken and remolded into a new dynamic ecosystem. At the center of this new world is the consumer, who is driving forward huge change through their continually rising expectations of what today’s TV experience should be. The mission for players in Media is very clear – delight the TV consumer, every day. Re-establishing your value continually.

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