With a number of benefits to the reseller such as MiTrend Premium access, access to a Unity demo unity and a suite of enablement material, Flash Club supports an All-Flash first conversation in a market with a growing appetite for this technology.

Flash Club facilitates distributors with a programme to engage and support their All-Flash focussed resellers, from invitation through to onboarding via a fully automated process.

Flash Club supports The B2B Flash campaign activity driven by Silver. Throughout the campaign the EMC flash webpages experienced a large spike in traffic from the 82,000 unique visitors driven by the campaign. During this period 7% of all website traffic, globally, was driven by the initiative resulting in over 40% of all web traffic in some regions.

Silver Creative Services

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Channel Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Messaging Workshop
  • Nurture Marketing
  • Website Build & Test
  • Website Design - UI / UX

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Take the Leap to the Modern Data Center with Dell EMC All-Flash Storage

The disruptive days of Flash storage are over. Flash is now the new normal thanks to its affordability, agility, efficiency, and speed. And thanks to Dell EMC, businesses can begin their journey to the Modern Data Center with the broadest All-Flash storage portfolio on the market.

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