The website was designed with a mobile first approach so that mobile users get a seamless experience even when they move onto their desktop computers.

The site is fully integrated with PipelineDeals Sales CRM so that any contact form request is sent straight to the CRM for seamless management of prospects. The site also integrates with the MailChimp API allowing user emails to be managed directly within MailChimp.

Silver Creative Services

Benjamin Ball Associates

More about Benjamin Ball Associates

Benjamin Ball Associates make life easy for their clients. That is why their message creation, presentation development and financial presentation coaching is used by so many leading organisations.

For 10 years clients have used BBA to win more sales, improve financial presentations and achieve clear persuasive presentations.

Kapco, Avio-Diepen merger communications


New visual identity and go-to-market strategy


Top 10 Guide: Marketing your Start-Up and SME

Immerse yourself with international brand man and entrepreneur, Graham Dodridge who shares his insight and experience.

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