16th March 2015

our creative recipe

The recipe
A slug of coffee
Our creatives run on caffeine, so the coffee machine for starters is constantly churning out the strong, intense flavours of Arpegio.
The vital ingredient

Before starting any design work, we take the time to immerse ourselves in the brief: understand what the project is really about; what function it has and what the objectives are. We always aim to achieve form and function in perfect harmony.
A healthy measure of collaboration
At Silver we nurture inclusion and collaboration between the creatives at every point of a project’s lifecycle. Brainstorming concepts for a website wireframe or sharing an early, raw concept for a video storyboard gives others ideas to work with, to respond to and evolve.
All mixed with great communication
Power is nothing without control. Our open approach combined with fantastic project tracking and accountability ensures more time for super cool creative work. While we all play to our individual strengths we ensure everybody has the opportunity to experience diversity. We are experts in our chosen fields, but learning a different skill further strengthens the individual and the team.
Fold in the beat.

Music is great for building creative energy and who doesn’t like to pump up the tunes when powering through creative tasks? The feel-good factor plays a great part at Silver. Happy inspired people achieve great things. This virtuous virtual circle drives us all on.
Taste and season to perfection…
Everyone is passionate about the projects they work on and this passion infuses energy into the rest of the Studio.
Many creative studios could do good work, but I believe an amazing team like the Silver Crew is a rare occurrence and it’s a real privilege to be a part of this incredible mix.
Matt Hurley is Creative Head Chef at Silver. His passion and energy combine to ensure the highest consistent caliber output from an amazing team of truly great people.