25th April 2015

one retail experience

Combining channels should be a fluid process so that users can start the buying process on their laptop/desktop computers, get on the train, open an app and proceed to checking out and buying their goods. Amazon, is a great example of this, they seamlessly link a user’s iOS/Android app to their desktop website and whenever you add an item on any device, it is shown on all, encouraging the user to click ‘Buy’.

Social media also plays a huge role in “Omni-channel retailing”. By posting entertaining, informative and quirky content on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook the retailer can show how a product/service can be used to the benefit of the end user. A good social media strategy can help you change the conversation, connect with consumers, and provide almost instant feedback to your clients.

My omnii-channel buying process

When I’m looking at buying a new pair of shoes – for example – I automatically go to my favourite websites, when I find a pair that I like I use the customer reviews service to make sure that what I am looking to purchase is of good quality. On my commute to work I will open up my mobile browser and start surfing to find retargeting ads show up on websites I visit. This encourages me to click and read more about the shoes and adds weight to my decision to purchase. Once I have got to work I will look at the best delivery options for my shoes and select it, on many occasions I choose a delivery method that best suits my lifestyle, for example, if I know that I am going to be in town and passing an Argos, I can, with many retailers, select a local Argos and pick my items up from there.

Omni-channel retailing requires taking a look at your whole marketing strategy to ensure that no matter what cycle your customer is on, they are given the same experience and are encouraged to click, buy and review.

Levi is our resident Web Ninja who loves all things web and is always pushing his skillset to the next level, and finding new ways to encourage users to engage.