9th June 2015

once upon a time

To be a good storyteller a brand must listen to its audience to understand desires, beliefs and concerns. It must be authentic, staying true to its core values and beliefs – the reasons why your products and services exist. Brand is a matter of perception, so a story that embodies human challenges creates an experience that will resonate with customers. The story must tell of how it can change people’s lives for the better. With a story that is adventurous, authentic and sustainable, customers are able to form a personal connection that will motivate them to act.
Any medium can be used to tell and reinforce a story. Blogs, video, print, and social media can all be tailored to fit, and every medium elicits a different reaction from the audience. Business stories are unique in that they require a call to action, and it is this outcome that ultimately drives the direction of the story.
We are living in an age of everything being bigger, better and faster. Brands find themselves swimming against a noisy current of content. Stories capture and maintain a person’s interest and create a journey that a customer wants to partake in. Storytelling provides the buoyancy and stand out needed to keep a brand afloat, and this ultimately drives revenue and increases customer retention.
At Silver our mission is to connect people with inspired ideas and compelling stories. We stir customers, suppliers, employees and partners to read, watch, click and experience more. We move people one at a time, to share beliefs that reach huge audiences. At Silver, we use storytelling to help you to create the belief.