9th April 2014

no ordinary working day

At this point in the morning I usually set myself up at the ‘Whiskey Bar’ hot desk to catch up with clients about their latest campaign or to update them on how their website refresh is coming along. Every project and every client is unique, and I believe that one of the greatest aspects of this job is the variety and unpredictability of what the next challenge will be. New campaigns, new clients, and new developments in the digital marketing industry mean that there’s always an opportunity to learn and improve.
A client calls with a new campaign, and the fleet of Silver-branded Audis take to the road to get to the core of the client’s needs. After a successful meeting we return to the Silver headquarters, just in time for a Burger-Friday boardroom lunch, and we use the opportunity to call the team together for a brainstorming session. Here in the Boardroom there are no limits. Minds run wild and no idea is left unexplored as the room is filled with words, images and frenzied sketching on notepads and whiteboards. We decide on favourite concepts and the team disperses, each member with their own mission, their own goal.
A quick few minutes to get my cup of tea fix and then I’m back to my computer. It’s in my nature to be in control and organised, so it’s important to me to log everything whilst the information is still fresh. I send over timescales and project plans to land in the inbox for what I hope is another happy client. I glance outside as the sun goes down over Cheltenham. It’s almost the end of the day and the tunes are still flying from the Silver speakers as I start to wrap up for the day.
As I come to the end of my six weeks at Silver, its clear that this is a very distinguished and special place. There’s a feeling of freedom and excited anticipation that allows for creativity and ideas to constantly flow. Everyone is here because they love what they do, and that’s a very healthy, unique and privileged space to be part of.