20th December 2013

The Next Generation of Business Marketing & Engagement

We have seen more and more of our clients introducing social marketing into their campaigns. But around 75% of marketers admit that they still don’t have visibility on actual ROI resulting from their social marketing. Social marketing is, by many, still seen as an awareness activity. For those with a lead generation target over their head, this can be a bitter pill to swallow. Embracing the Next Gen Marketing is essential; after all it’s not going to go away. Here at Silver we help our clients by formulating the best strategic marketing plan, social, offline or otherwise and I take great pride in exceeding targets!
Throughout recent years we have been at the forefront of delivering a serge of content, to inform and educate – We understand the power of information and that by providing the right content customers are best able to make the most informed choices. It would be all too easy to alienate your audience on social hubs, by being too hard sell and aggressive. With an increased network speed and routes to market, we are driving thought leadership videos, blogs and more simple comments into the heart of the customer conversation. Engagement is key. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the big three, but the majority of businesses are now seeing the value of these channels as a place they can listen to customers, make comment and bear influence – In short: where they can join the conversation.
With smartphone and tablet sales now overtaking desktops, optimising content for use on all devices is essential for ultimate reach.  With mobile and the web now fully integrated, I tell my clients it’s not a case of traditional versus social marketing, but simply fully integrated marketing that has the most reach and therefore delivers the best results.