11th June 2015

never just a job

As soon as I read the brief I automatically become immersed in the task at hand. My mind goes into overdrive thinking of different ideas. It feels like a mad rush trying to get these thoughts from my mind and onto paper while they are fresh.
Once the plans are in place, the animation/ editing can start happening. This is always an exciting moment for me. This is the part where I can begin crafting the piece of creative work. It is no longer just a job (if it ever was). It is now a big part of my life for the next few days/ weeks/ months until it is proudly handed over to the client. My thoughts about the project won’t automatically switch off when I leave the building. I can often be guilty of my mind wandering to the work I am creating, whilst at home. I then face the battle of resisting opening my laptop to experiment with ideas I have.
When I finally hand over the piece of work to the client or one of the Account Managers at Silver the only way I want to feel is proud. If I don’t feel proud of the work I have produced it means it was just a job. Something that I created in the easiest way possible that was merely satisfactory enough to give to the client.
This is not an option at Silver and will never happen. Because here a job is never just a job.
Rosie Phillpot is one of the video generation’s rising stars and is a hugely valued, super creative and incredibly effective part of the Silver motion graphics division.