12th February 2015

a day in my life at silver

Curt, Lisa, and I get together for a morning run through and enthusiastically update each other on the latest video projects, discussing what there is to tackle this week. We have a new video to begin which means grabbing paper and pen and beginning to storyboard ideas. After spending a few hours bouncing ideas off each other and looking for inspiration we come up with a solid plan.

The clock hands gradually move towards half past twelve and the discussion of what everyone is having for lunch begins. After a persuasive ten minutes the majority of the team agree on a “fat Monday” which means a trip to Real Burger. We take our burgers in the meeting room and there is a rare moment of silence as everyone begins to eat. After the first few mouthfuls are finished the silence vanishes and everyone begins discussing our latest pitch win and the exciting project we will soon be working on.

After narrowly avoiding a ‘food coma’ I am ready to get back to work. I have been set the task of drawing up the video storyboard ready to be printed out and presented to the client. This is one of my favourite jobs as it involves making full use of my graphics tablet that the designers at Silver have got me converted me to using. Curt and I also create a section of the animation so the client can get a feel of what the video will look like. This process is an enjoyable one because of the detailed plan that is put in place. Every scene including transitions, script and timing is decided on before we begin animating. Which means we can then spend time working hard to create a slick and interesting animation that we can be proud of, finishing the day feeling like we have achieved something.

The day is coming to an end when we hear Dan shouting in our direction to say there is a beautiful view of the sun setting over the hills, visible from one of the cool club lounge / meeting rooms. Spirits are high in the Silver team after a productive and enjoyable day. As everyone goes their separate ways there is a genuine feeling of excitement about what will happen tomorrow at Silver.

Rosie is an expert animator and key member of the Silver motion graphics team.