9th April 2015

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Now more than ever should you start making moves towards integrating mobile into your marketing strategies.

What does it mean to integrate mobile into your strategy?

Put simply, you need to understand how your users are interacting with your products, sites and campaigns on their devices and make changes so that you make it second nature for the user to click that CTA. To successfully integrate you will need to look at mobile as a key player in your marketing strategy, users are more than ever buying, bidding and snapping on the go, and to engage with them at the correct point in time is crucial. Users now expect to have tailored experiences on their mobile devices, and if yours isn’t, then they’ll simply move on and find another.
People are now time poor and want to find everything on the move. Take your marketing strategy and analyse it on mobile and see first-hand how your users are experiencing your site or app. Tailoring the experience goes beyond just making sure that landing pages and product pages are mobile optimised, you must optimise everything so that a user can easily get around and find the information they are looking for. When making a purchase, we’re now more inclined to do our background research and if a site we land on isn’t optimised to our device, we’ll skip it and move on.
If you’re creating the next Instagram, how are you going to enable mobile users to upload their snaps? More likely than not, your app will be used more on mobile than on desktop, which brings us onto a previously blog I wrote about digital trends in 2015, in which I mention how the growth of mobile will change marketing.
Don’t just take our word on how important your mobile strategy is, take a note from Google, who on 21st April 2015 will be rolling out an update to their algorithm that will take into account mobile friendly sites, so if your site isn’t mobile, it will not show for users searching on their mobile devices.
Silver has the best in the industry when it comes to mobile marketing strategies. We can build strategies that will help your business generate more leads, more sales and more happy customers. We’ve worked on mobile first campaigns for clients which have seen growth in their conversion rates and provided users with seamless, unfrustrating experiences.
Adrian is our Head of Digital and leads our research into the next generation digital platforms, methods and tools that will help deliver results for our clients.