20th December 2017

Manage your identity

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Maybe it is, but few brands are truly proficient in making it happen.
Sure, companies are quick to point out the reason they’ve created their offerings, and the difference it makes to a customer’s life. But then they slowly get tongue-tied. That’s where marketing agencies step in to quickly turn a sense of mission (the what) into a clearer understanding of their vision (the why).
A vision can be many things. It can paint a picture of what the world will look like years from now if the campaign brings success to both individual customers and the wider industry. It can detail the values and qualities needed to bring this picture to life. Most important of all, it can show what you as a company stand for, your reasons for being, your philosophy and aspirations. Brands need to be highly visible, available, completely honest and scrupulously accountable.
In other words: your brand’s personality.
Reach this level, and talk of growth and profit seem secondary to loftier ambitions. You’re not running the campaign to make money – that’s what the rest do. No, you’re in it to inspire real transformation. You’re a brand with a conscience, an opinion and a belief that seeks to engage rather than preach. A brand that listens rather than speaks will find the opportunities to meet individual needs.
That’s why personality matters. It matters big when you’re trying to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. And it matters when you want to be seen as more than just another commodity offering.