23rd August 2013

Making the right mark

I have learnt a lot throughout my 9 years of designing and Silver use the same brand rules that the big industry players live by to help them succeed. The super brands that succeed follow 3 simple rules when it comes to brand communication, as follows:
1 – Say hello to Mr Brand: Your brand needs to have a personality of its own, it needs to almost be its own person; with ideals, values and even its own favourite colour and personal preferences.
2 – Cultivate the Culture: Once you know the personality of your brand and who your brand is, this needs to be reflected through every aspect of your brand. This includes the internal business culture; the way people communicate with each other is just as important as the external communications.
3 – Consistency is King: When somebody sees your brand or anything related to your brand it must portray the same feeling every time, whether it be a advert, website or even a letter head. The message of who the brand is must come across strong and clear.
The strongest brands not only have great strong logos they have soul and meaning with their own positive stories. A good brand embodies the virtues of a business and is the business. Being on top of the brand perception pile means you can be seen as the only solution to your particular markets needs.
If you think your brand could benefit from a re-fresh then get in touch with the Silver team.