16th January 2015

movies that move people

Recent studies show that we remember the more emotive events, the more pleasant the emotion the more we remember in time. Unpleasant emotions are remembered for a time, but the more pleasant the emotion, the longer the event is remembered. So from this we can see it is easy to suggest that using emotive content is going to create a more memorable piece.
Also, it is good to look at video, not just as the key to informing with an overload of information, but also as a tool to provoke emotive responses with the intended audience. That is when we really leverage the full potency of film.
Corporate videos are historically stuffed with information that leaves little room for the emotive element. In some cases these videos are overloaded with content, leaving the viewer  somewhat confused as to what exactly the video is about.
When choosing content, be it text or imagery, it needs to be concise. Your video will be far more effective if you choose a key theme and plan it to perfection. If you over-complicate your video by accommodating several different messages, you will reduce its impact.
Although you want your story to reflect the company’s ethic, you need to tell it in a way that reflects the goals, problems and interests of your audience. Putting the consumer first and embracing their emotional desires, creates the relationship that involves the consumer with the brand.
To tell your story first you need to understand the content. What sets you apart from everyone else? What makes you more trustworthy, fun, exciting? What emotional response will people feel from dealing with you?
It’s the emotional arousal, not the importance of the information that helps memory – in turn making your brand memorable. But you have to be punchy and engaging right from the word go. An interesting statistic shows that 10 seconds is how long you’re given to grab the attention of your viewers, which is primarily directed at marketing/business videos.
The most powerful asset to bringing your video to life is your soundtrack. Making videos that carry emotion is difficult with using your content alone. Music is the suggestive power that tells people when it is time to laugh, cry, wince, jump or look away.
We have seen and felt it many times, how epic scores from blockbusters such as ‘Inception’, to soft pianos from timeless classics like ‘American Beauty’, have an impact on our emotive response to what is correlating on screen.
Curt is a great story teller and visual wizard. He is also motion graphics team leader at silver.agency