26th February 2013

Make the most out of video advertising

Hands up who saw Katie’s blog on David Beckham’s new video for H&M the other week? If you didn’t read the blog, you must have seen the video. The video is proof that online video is not just a pretty face, having achieved some pretty impressive statistics – going viral in just a few days and scoring over 8 million hits and 180,000 shares in its first week.
So, why should you be using online video advertising? Well, because videos and animations allow you to communicate and engage with your audience in a whole new way, breathing life into your brand and getting you noticed. Not only are videos interesting and fun, but they can also be high impact pieces of marketing collateral that effectively increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. And with staggering statistics such as those above, it only makes sense to get on board the video bandwagon.
Here at Silver, we pride ourselves on being video and animation experts. We will manage the whole process for you, from pre-production, storyboarding, script writing, set building and casting through to post-production and editing. We will then include your video on your website or integrate it into other marketing channels to ensure it works hard for you and delivers you results.
Why not contact us today to find out more about how video and animation can work for you? Call us on 01242 585930 or email us at europe@silver-worldwide.com