26th February 2015

love digital and chocolate

Technologies such as Skype have certainly affected my life in a positive way; they have enabled me to keep in regular contact with friends and family across the UK and the world. I love the fact that within a few clicks I can be video calling with my mum in South Yorkshire, my twin sister in London and my older sister in Bristol…it makes the world seem a smaller more friendly place and I feel that is due to its new and ever improving digital aspect of communication.
Ever since the World Wide Web (WWW) became publicly accessible in 1991, there has been a profound change in epistemology (the study of knowledge). The WWW has provided people with a platform that they are able to use to access a gargantuan range of information and knowledge.
Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. (Source Google)
I feel that I have grown up with the evolving digital world and also have grown to love it; although the WWW became publicly accessible in 1991 (coincidentally the same year as I was born) it has only become a strong portal of information in the late 2000s due to improvements in its functionality.
The Digital World has caused a surge of innovation in the form of digital applications that are now accessible on a wide range of technologies such as computers, tablets, phones and even watches.
On June 2nd 2014 Apple announced that its users had downloaded more than 75 million apps in total. (Source MashableUK Apple App Store Tops 75 Billion Downloads)
The applications that I have downloaded have become such a beneficial and convenient feature in my lifestyle…I use ‘IMDb’ to find out what else that actor has been in,I can check how far I have run with ‘Map My Run’ and I know where I need to go when I visit London with ‘Tube Map’.
To sum up the three things I love about the digital world are information, communication and innovation. I hope that the digital world will keep on growing, improving and producing software and technology that will have positive effects on those three aspects.
Caroline Tonkinson, Ace Silver Web Developer who loves all things web or chocolate based.