24th May 2012

Olympics leaves Cheltenham feeling warm inside.

We piled out of Eagle Tower to join the masses and see what all the fuss was about. We found ourselves standing on the street outside of the Silver offices, just in time to see the torch being jogged past our eyes. It was incredible to see it first hand and the atmosphere was epic to say the least.
As I walked through the crowded streets of the town centre, I constantly had to avoid buses giving out cans of cola and onlookers clapping together Samsung batons giving their support to what was about to come.
Whether you watch sport or not you have to appreciate the amount of support our nation has for its athletes. Events like the Olympics and the up coming Euro 2012 really bring us together as a nation. Whether you are Arsenal, Man U, City or even Spurs we put our differences aside and unite as one.
Let’s get ready for the Olympics!!