28th January 2014

Life is going to get a little simpler

This leads me to my first prediction. Infographics have been slowly growing in popularity over the last few years, and in these days of multi-channel information infographics are more useful than ever. Here at Silver we use them as a constituent part of many brand developments and marketing campaigns, working closely with our in-house illustrator.
Another key trend for 2014 will be the use of animated gifs. They have actually been around for nearly 25 years, dating back to mid 90s and the birth of the internet revolution, beginning life as low-fi clip art animations that were pretty clunky, to say the least. With super fast broadband, however, the use of smooth fast loading animated gifs across any device offer a way of expressing something in a matter of seconds.
Ever heard of tessellation? – It’s how we describe the use of geometric interlocking shapes in architecture and mathematics and most notably used in graphic art by Maurits Escher. Tessellation has been around since 4000 BC so is by no means something new! We use tessellation in its simplest, two dimensional, form to create striking designs. Television channel More4’s logo is an example and how it can be used to create a striking, fluid and beautiful brand identity.
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