5th April 2013

Letting go of the comfort blanket!

Here at Silver Agency we have helped many companies define their strategy and the role digital and social media plays within their brand and the wider communications mix. Silver Agency has seen the drive of digital innovation especially in online video highly likely due to the mobile viewing solutions encouraged by tablet and smartphone developments.
Email marketing is firmly established within the marketing mix as it has demonstrated the exceptional high return it delivers through a targeted and well-executed campaign. It is also fast, flexible, low cost and also trackable. Never has it been more important to have measurable objectives in place and effective means to evaluate results.
The other increasingly important way to communicate to engage with your market, or communities, is through social networking. The opinions, sharing ideas, recommendations and questions within these communities have the power to drive brand loyalty and also choice of purchase. But here the rule changes as it’s all about the marketer listening to the conversations and understanding the language and passions and ‘joining in’. So besides driving a purchase it can result in higher level of trust and a much deeper relationship with the target audience, driving brand loyalty.
Digital marketing and social media is a great combination, but the power of comes to life when fully integrated in to the complete communications mix, that is fully thought through, monitored and measured every step of the way. And that makes for great ROI.