27th May 2015

let the ideas flow

But we’ve all experienced the dreaded creative block! A blank page, ‘tearing our hair out’ over an elusive concept, momentarily defeated. And then…
…We follow the seven simple steps below to guarantee that every idea that leaves our studio is a great one!
1 Utilise the mornings
For most, late morning is a good time to be creative. Fully awake but with the new energy of a good nights sleep and most of the day ahead. Even the sharpest of creatives can get distracted as the day goes, by emails and other looming deadlines. Get in, grab a steaming Cappuccino and get on it!
2 The answer is always in the brief
Everyone involved in the brief should be immersed in it, sharing customer insight, reading the latest news and stepping into our customers’ customers’ shoes. Only then are we able to challenge our own ideas – smash test them if you like! We question everything and ask ourselves: does this fully answer the brief? Is it a good solution? If we don’t understand certain aspects, we ask what they mean. The clues are always in the brief.
3 Every idea is a good idea
Brainstorming is a common technique for ideas generation. We always ‘speak our minds’ – input will not be marked on a scorecard, or considered ‘right or wrong’. From here, we then focus on clarifying and refining our ideas in order to deliver a professional ‘kick-ass’ presentation.
4 Take risks
It’s important to be different from the norm. When it comes to building and pitching the killer creative, we are willing to take risks in order to advance a projects success. We include at least one provocative, ‘out there’ idea to bench test everything else we do.
5 Never give up!
Some ideas that seem completely irrelevant at first sight, might later reveal themselves when the ‘dots are connected’. Inspiration can come from anywhere and when you least expect it.
6 That’s the idea
Spotting the winners is sometimes obvious, but we remain open to an explanation of something we may have missed. Remember: a million designers with the same brief may all come up with a workable solution.
7 Pure energy
Finally. We have an early night if we need to perform the next day. Just like for any athlete, being fit to win requires the odd small sacrifice.
Matt Hurley is Studio Manager at Silver, Cheltenham. His energy and ideas are an inspiration to the wider team as well as our fantastic customers.