10th January 2018

Know what makes your audience tick

This interest helps explain the desire to ‘get to know’ audiences, and to develop this understanding beyond purely functional concerns. That means getting to grips with a host of tactical and strategic needs.

Emotion – adding a third dimension

In a crowded marketplace, it can be almost impossible to get audiences excited about features and benefits alone. Rather, you want to bring to life how they’d feel when working with your product or service. How your offering fits with their wider values and delivers on more intangible behavioral traits, such as greater confidence, trust, and reassurance.
Ultimately, any successful campaign will connect to this deeper emotional level and demonstrate to prospects that you ‘get’ their reality; you see them as more than just components in a wider, impersonal process. Forget us and them, this is between you and me. It’s all about people connecting with other people to facilitate deeper and more meaningful conversations that build trust and nurture loyalty.

Keeping it real

That said, it’s hard to convey emotion with your typical ‘corporate speak’. Businesses are not an immediate source of empathy: people are. If you want to grab the attention of your audience in a meaningful way, use language that’s more human and more personable; the tone you’d expect from a friendly and informed individual who’s only interested in what’s right for the customer.
Or in corporate speak: become the trusted advisor.
The more brands can empower their audience by reaching out in a human way, the more their audience will engage with the brand. All brands are conversations and every conversation is a story. Stories can make you smile, think, hope, laugh, share and desire. This is the nature of nurture. This is the nature of mutual respect.