5th December 2012

Kate Bosworth sings and looks stylish for Topshop

In the lead up to the campaign launch, a selection of teaser films were released, obscuring Kate’s face, with the hashtag #whosthatgirl.  A competition was also run, with images of Kate positioned next to iconic London landmarks – those who correctly guessed her identity were in with the chance of winning a £500 spending spree at Topshop.
The video was then sent out to out to those registered on the Topshop website, along with a personalised message from Kate. The interactive digital campaign also offers viewers the chance to download the track for free.
Using Kate in the campaign, the in house team at Topshop has cleverly engaged the target female audience who naturally aspire to the stars of the silver screen and also created an air of intrigue and mystery in the build up to the launch.
We recognize the importance of a fully integrated marketing campaign across a range of mediums, and this effort from Topshop not only utilizes a range of these, but it does it in a consistent manner, enforcing the strength of the brand.