31st October 2014

it's all in the mix

To help connect with you consumer your content needs to be wherever and whenever the consumer wants them to be and “mobile” is not so much a device-type as a behaviour or state of mind.
Smartphone usage has increased to 68% in 2014, from 62% in 2013 and 32% of UK consumers now make new purchases on a smartphone due to a big push in S-Commerce (Social Commerce). Brands in 2015 will continue to develop their media content mix strategy to push their messaging but a key focus will be on social platforms to coincide with the emerging S-Commerce techniques. If you monitor the traffic generated by social media to your own website, you will find that ‘being social’ is a valuable investment moving forward.
So what are some of the ways brands can use social media as part of their content marketing strategy?
Twitter stories
For most people,140 characters doesn’t seem like a lot. But an effort to create a story on Twitter can stimulate curiosity and drive traffic, which turns into leads. Your Twitter stories should always include a link to the full story on your website.
Community creation
Facebook and LinkedIn both offer opportunities to create communities where users can share and discuss content, trends, and problems. By maintaining a presence on the social media platform where your target audience congregates, you’re able to engage them in conversation and respond to comments. You’re also able to monitor the community chatter for issues and questions that you can use as springboards for your next content marketing effort. But remember, social networks should be used to build relations and collaboration structures, not just for commenting on other blogs to get backlinks.
As I’ve already mentioned above, monitoring social media helps brands find out what their target customers need. Brands can use social media monitoring tools to search for keywords and find out what questions their customers have, then answer the questions with content.
This type of content, will be on the same level as pictures and will become more and more popular thanks to the 15-second video stings by Instagram and then with Vine, introduced by Twitter.
Everything from pictures, quotes, memes and infographics, they’ll keep being the kings of content in 2015.
And last but not least…
Anything related to a consumer will be something important to pay attention to and invest in. Start implementing responsive designs and custom and mobile content
These are just a few ways to integrate social media into a content marketing strategy. Used to complement, not replace, an overall marketing strategy, social media is a powerful way to generate leads, engage customers, and build your brand.
Matt Hurley is Senior Creative and digital content expert at Silver Agency