30th June 2014

beyond great service

I see my role delivering three critical outcomes:

  1. Ensure efficient and full utilisation of project resources.
  2. Deliver all projects on time and within budget.
  3. Ensure Silver delivers the agreed objectives and desired results.

In my experience there are some recurring features of all the projects we procure: firstly change ­­– every project, however large or small requires a flexible approach to accommodate the prevailing influences of such things as market change. Campaigns are built around an ever evolving marketing mix of traditional marketing techniques and such contemporary elements as social, experiential and nurture, with an ever growing list of possible ‘calls to action’ CTAs.
The project management triangle below begins to illustrate project priority with the constraints of the project in hand. Take for example the assembly of an aeroplane. Scope and quality here are absolute mandatory elements. Forgetting a bolt or not fully completing the engine build cannot be overlooked – the thing just won’t get off the ground!
Scope diagThe Silver approach follows a hybrid of two methodologies: PRINCE2 ‘PRojects IN Controlled Environments’ focused on business justification and SCRUM XP built around business agility. This ensures the correct controls and measures are in place whilst also delivering the projects in a timely cost effective manner. The studio works exactly the same – prioritising work on a daily basis with regular reviews and complete transparency and accountability.
Our agile approach enables Silver to address urgent requests, while consistently delivering all projects with no lag. Of course it helps that ‘team Silver’ is so highly motivated and that each and everyone in the team offers world class and complementary skills. It makes for an electric atmosphere, where we believe that anything is possible.
Although I am responsible for client relationships, I deliver so much more than that. I am a creative thinker, a business analyst, a sales person, a project manager, a team player and a friend.
It’s time to ‘create the belief’
Jeremy Bliss, Relationships