7th February 2018

Infuse creative juices into your brand

Stories need to pass the “pick me up” test, otherwise these beautifully crafted words may never see the light of day. That’s why you need pictures and a concept that brings it all together.
But concepts don’t grow on trees.
However, they do need cultivating, and we believe genuine creativity comes from linking previously unconnected ideas with a willingness to take risks and find new avenues of adventure. You can achieve these ideas through four steps of creativity:

Step 1 – Preparation

Where you create the underlying campaign story in line with your objectives, to set the boundaries of what is and isn’t possible in what you’re looking to achieve. In agency terms, we call this ‘The Brief’.

Step 2 – Incubation

The ‘mystical’ part of the process, where the brief enters the door marked ‘creative team’, and into the hands of individuals whose job titles include words like digital, designer and conceptual artist. It’s here that our conscious and subconscious minds are released.

Step 3 – Illumination

The ‘Eureka’ moment. Typically, such insight can happen at the most inopportune of times. Hence why we recommend you apply the ‘daylight’ test, and insist on returning to an idea with fresh eyes the following day – to make sure it still has legs.

Step 4 – Implementation

This is where the concept, once it’s been fully chewed through, gets to see the light of day. It’s also where the idea spreads its wings (“that would make for a great video” etc.).
In these 4 steps, you combine a rich blend of energy, smarter thinking, driven ambition and a deep desire to help brands succeed. This is a tried and tested approach for a successful campaign – based on the underlying principle that, irrespective of channel or process, great creative will always inspire a reaction from your audience.