15th December 2017

Iceland 2017: Wish you were Skyr!

There’s far too much to see and do in just four days, but we certainly packed a lot in! Here’s a little breakdown of our time in Iceland, along with a few snaps of our adventure. Enjoy!

Day 1

It was an early start for the team, setting off to Gatwick, weary-eyed, at around 5:30am. We dropped off our cars, checked in and gobbled down a quick breakfast before taking off. The three-hour flight was put to good use by having a collective snooze before landing at Keflavik International Airport full of energy and raring to go.
To enjoy the full majesty of Iceland, you need a car that’s up for the challenge. A car you can rely on to tackle the icy roads with elegant ease. There was only ever one option: the Dacia Duster.
We picked up three Dusters and headed to our first destination – The Blue Lagoon.
The columns of steam rising from the geothermal spa enticed us across the unfamiliar volcanic terrain. The team changed into their swimsuits, braved the sub-zero outdoor walk, and felt our stress melt away as we drifted into the inviting water.
Blue Lagoon
The sunset was at 3:30pm, so most of our time at the spa was in darkness. We explored the lagoon, smeared our faces with algae mud masks and gazed up at the clear night sky.
Relaxing is thirsty work, so the team convened at the swim-up bar on several occasions, emerging from the mist to toast the trip and think of those who couldn’t come with us (you were all sorely missed).
After reluctantly pulling ourselves away from the Blue Lagoon, we made our way to Reykjavik to have dinner and spend the night.
The restaurant was great. The chefs kept sending out pizzas loaded with classic favourites and a few surprises. The big winner was the bacon and egg pizza, with the grape, walnut and cabbage pizza being surprisingly tasty, too.
Stuffed with beer, pizza, cheesy chips, panna cotta – and a rather pricy celery ice cream – we hit the hay with a busy day ahead of us.

Day 2

Up early, the team fuelled with coffee and Skyr,  we packed into our Dusters to explore the Golden Circle.
It was a bizarre experience for us all, as it reached 10am and the sun was still yet to appear. As it began to rise, the light was breath-taking. We took a little longer to get to our first destination as we kept pulling up to take pictures, stretch our legs and play in the snow. It was the first time that our Senior Account Manager, Andrew, had experienced snow, so he was particularly excited!
One impromptu stop was at Laugarvatn Fontana. The rising steam, bubbling water and sensational sunlight were too tempting to drive past.
The first (official) sightseeing stop on Day 2 was The Great Geysir. It didn’t disappoint. The steaming eruptions were around every ten minutes, so we were able to get some great shots, even with the cold air killing our phone batteries!
We regrouped and clambered into the Dusters to make our way to the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall. We took in the amazing view as quickly as possible – at this point, the temperature had plummeted to a brisk -15°C!
From one waterfall to another! Seljalandsfoss waterfall was more astonishing than the last. We stood at the foot of the cliff watching the water cascade down. It was so cold that the spray from the waterfall had turned into ice by the time it reached us!
A quick tip: Ignore TLC. We’ve discovered that you should definitely go chasing waterfalls!
Once more, the Dusters were our refuge from the bitter cold as we arrived at Vik, a remote village on the South coast. We had time to refresh at the Puffin Hotel before enjoying a fantastic meal at a nearby restaurant. We chilled out at the bar; enjoyed a few drinks, including one or two sipping tequilas; played some brand-themed games (we’re an agency, after all!); and met a couple of delightful Australians. A perfect way to end an action-packed second day.
Silver Team

Day 3

There was no rest for the wicked as we were up early on Day 3 to hike up a glacier in Skaftafell National Park.
We were fitted with helmets, crampons and mountaineering axes, and climbed into a 4×4 bus to travel offroad to the foot of Falljökull glacier. Rather bumpy!
After negotiating a makeshift bridge, we crunched our way up the ice to take in another wonderful sunrise, meet a couple of ravens and explore an ice cave carved out by the immense power of the glacier.
Once we took some inner-anger out on the ice with our axes, we made it safely off the glacier and took a journey to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. The view was stunning. Blue glacial icebergs were suspended in the tranquil water, dotted with the occasional curious seal.
Iceberg Lagoon
Across from the lagoon was Jökulsárlón Ice Beach. It’s also known as Diamond Beach; we could see why. The black sand beach was strewn with boulders of crystal-clear ice that glowed as they caught the light from the setting sun. A sight we’ll never forget.
A ravenous Silver team made its way back to Vik and tucked into another great meal, washed down with beer, wine and a few shots of Icelandic vodka. Day 3: complete.

Day 4

Our final day in Iceland meant we had to leave Vik. We set off and arrived in Reykjavik with time to explore before our flight.
We came across a frozen lake near the city centre, so took the opportunity to take a stroll across it. A few little slips, but we all managed to keep our feet!
We strolled to the impressive Hallgrímskirkja church, but couldn’t go inside as Sunday mass was underway. No complaints, though, as the view from outside was impressive enough.
Grabbing coffees and hot chocolates were next on the agenda, along with a little Christmas shopping.
Finally, we pulled up at the airport, said goodbye to our Dusters and returned to a snowy UK with no delays, fortunately!
The trip was out of this world. Thank you to Graham and everyone involved in making it possible. We all had a brilliant time, made countless memories and are looking forward to what 2018 holds for Silver.

Oh, and if you’re planning on exploring Iceland any time soon… do it in a Duster!