26th January 2018

How to build a strong brand

To create a strong brand, you must first develop a strong brand strategy – a plan that outlines specific long-term goals that are achievable as your brand develops. A well-defined brand strategy, carefully executed, affects every aspect of a business. It’s directly connected to customer needs, emotions and the competitive environment.
Here are some essential components to consider when building a brand that has longevity.

Define your purpose

You need to define the essence of your brand. Why do you get up every morning and go to work?
Of course, on a functional level, businesses exist to make a profit, but people don’t respond to this. They admire and connect with companies that strive for more. If you want to make a real difference to the world, customers will take note and brand loyalty will become stronger.

Be consistent and flexible

It may sound contradictory, but consistency and flexibility are two different ideas.
Consistency aims to set the standard of your brand. It’s about delivering a cohesive message across all platforms. Strong consistency builds brand recognition. Colour schemes and tone of voice go a long way to creating consistency across a brand.
Flexibility allows you to make adjustments that build interest in your brand. You should be able to be recognisable as a brand, but be able to make changes to attract a new customer base or utilise new marketing channels. Flexibility in your brand strategy allows you to adapt to changes in the market and last the test of time.

Emotion and storytelling

Customers are humans. Humans aren’t always rational. We have a built-in desire to build relationships and feel connected to other people.
Find a way to connect your brand with people on an emotional level. A great way to achieve this is through storytelling. Tell the story of your business. How did it start? Who started it? How does your product/service help people?
Building emotional relationships with people will foster strong brand loyalty and spread positive associations across your market.