14th February 2013

How can Vine benefit us?

We’re only too aware of how important it is to capture people’s attention quickly, so this short timeframe can be seen as a big positive. Knowing you only have to give up 6 seconds feels less intrusive to people who are busy/at work/have low bandwidth – and hopefully means people will think more about what they’re showing you. Equally – this short timeframe means you don’t have long to get your message across – and there are a lot of examples on Vine where videos have fallen short because of this.
Vine has had a bit of bad press since launch, namely the fact that pornographic material can be found – forcing it to give it’s app a 17+ rating therefore raising concerns amongst parents.
However, Vine really showed it’s potential at events like New York Fashion Week (perfect for capturing those catwalk moments), over-shadowing the competitor, Instagram. It has also been used as a portal for creatives to showcase work or make mini-viral-videos. We found a great blog of these on mashable, see those here.
Our feeling is that if a picture can say a thousand words, surely a video can say a million? Watch this 6 second space…