22nd January 2018

Head to head: CSR for B2B marketers

Silver Chairman Graham Dodridge is quoted in Exchange, The CIM portal discussing the Snap Foundation charity arm he founded with Silver Agency and photographer Remy Whiting
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What about the marketers themselves? What type of CSR do they favour, and why? Graham Dodridge, CEO of B2B branding and marketing firm Silver, has turned his passion for photography into an outreach project. Through Snap Foundation, he invites young people from underprivileged backgrounds to get involved with educational photographic projects, so they can “express themselves through images of the world they are experiencing”.
Snap volunteers have taken part in trips around the world, while the charity has supported almost 250 children – from the UK to South Africa – and donated more than 50 cameras.
For the business, whose clients include KPMG and O2, there have been benefits, too. “Snap has had a clear, positive impact,” says Dodridge, “in ways such as attracting talent, enriching our new business conversations and broadening our business raison d’être from the ground up.”