8th December 2017

Have a destination and set course

Put another way, it’s about agreeing the mission, setting the objective, and confirming the end goal.
This is obviously important for getting everybody on the same page, and for establishing a common view of what ‘good’ looks like. Yet equally, it’s about putting the proposed activity under the microscope: how does it fit with and complement the wider engagement process? Are campaign expectations reasonable? What’s the best way to measure success?
All campaigns operate to some core objectives: Increase brand awareness and drive sales.
Increasing brand awareness, generating an event audience, promoting the numerous features and benefits of your product or service – each and every activity is ultimately geared toward producing handshakes, signed contracts, and happy customers.
Yet it’s also important to not let such ideas muddy the water – there’s always the real and present danger of trying to do too much with any marketing activity. Clarity is derived from turning objectives into PURPOSE. It’s about seeking clarity on how a campaign is expected to enable a wider engagement process.