9th March 2018

Get your marketing investment working for you

More importantly, how do you hit your targets while sticking to a set fee? The simple answer is of course to design campaign assets that fit your budget – which is where the topic of medium, and the mix of channels to be used, raises its head.

Different lanes for different brains

A marketer’s toolbox contains many possible channels for getting a message out, the choice of which has at times been influenced by their ‘in vogue’ status as much as by their applicability to the intended audience. It’s very much a cyclical thing: direct mail gives way to email, which gives way to banner ads, video, and social etc., before each of these become saturated and we find ourselves back at the beginning.
The clever campaign doesn’t restrict itself to any single channel; rather it promotes a rich mix based on a clear understanding of how the audience wants to be engaged.

Trust is earned, not given

By that, we mean channels should be chosen to complement the audience’s journey. The mindset being that each prospect should experience multiple touchpoints that build upon and reinforce each other – whilst also highlighting a common relevance.
Trust is also important internally. That’s because you’ll often end up with an idea that’s bigger than ‘just’ a campaign, and be tempted to ‘downsize’ it to fit.
We always recommend giving creativity its wings before worrying about the practicalities. Want a video series but only have the money for a pilot? Let’s get the pilot done and demonstrate ROI – when it’s a success, it helps lay the foundation for bigger, grander campaigns.