19th March 2015

get your audience hooked

Creating advertising that is agreeable alongside personal content in social feeds, which connect to a consumer emotionally is a challenge… but also an opportunity. Greater connectivity gives extraordinary levels of access to information, and more importantly for an authentic brand, the ability to share with peers instantly.
Social content is very different to traditional channels. Placing a 30 second advert for a product on a social feed, preaching to the consumer, trying to hard sell, just won’t cut it anymore. Branded content or clips that barely mention the advertiser are more meaningful and have more chance of user interaction and sharing. By creating content that people actually want to watch, and share, rather than pitching a product.
As smart phones start to dominate web use, generating content that is immediately engaging is key. As I scroll down my Facebook newsfeed, the recent addition of video ads that auto-start give a brand a connection with their customers that has never been available before.
After all, we carry our smart devices with us almost 24/7, a device that brands can directly access to serve content. However this also means any advertising is very intrusive, especially on a social feed like Facebook. Therefore to expect customers to engage you have to deliver content that gives the viewer something, “What’s in it for me?” or “Why should I watch this?” You have to be quick, if you don’t connect within seconds; you’ve lost your audience.
Traditional TV advertainment like the classic Nescafe or Bisto adverts have given way to the change in consumer behaviour. The rise of the web and smart devices, 24/7 connectivity and instant mass communication gives brands the opportunity to connect with customers like never before. However these brands must be authentic and nurture their loyalty with engaging content that ultimately connects them with an inspired idea or compelling story. Now where have I heard that before?… Ah yes, it’s the Silver mission!
Darren Clarke is Ace Account Director at Silver Agency. He has been creating engaging content for more than fifteen years.