15th April 2015

get customer centric

Even for the most established brands, earning and deepening customer loyalty has always been a challenge. Our world has never been richer with more insight into our customers – digital technology is making the world a whole lot smaller and bringing brands far closer to their customers, providing a snapshot of everyday lives, trends and behaviours.
If you want to join the digital conversation, then you must view it as a culture. Not just technology.
1. Understand your customers: harness the power of big data to understand your customers and make your campaigns more relevant to them.
2. Join the conversation and create a more human experience: nearly 75% of all internet users active on social channels today – sharing opinions, ideas, thoughts and pieces of their lives on social networks. They’re talking about your brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can capture those conversations, increasing engagement with your brand and on your website, building trust by empowering brand advocates to have their voices heard.
3. Create engaging content: understand and listen to your customers – give them what they want, when and where they want it.
4. Don’t get left behind: the digital revolution keeps on revolving. You need to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, or face being left a long way behind – for example, on the 21st April, not having a mobile friendly website will negatively impact how your website is ranked on Google.
Dan Disney represents a powerful fusion of energy and strategic marketing thinking. Dan is Business Director at silver.agency