6th September 2014

forget us and them – this is between you and me

Communications agility
Google research shows that consumers assess 10.4 sources of online information including; online forums, reviews, videos, blogs and websites … before making buying decisions. Greater connectivity gives extraordinary levels of access to information. People are extending their business ecosystems with unprecedented levels of shared, independent, often agnostic, opinions and user group support. Silver is a People 2 People agency dedicated to connecting people with inspired ideas and compelling stories – yours and ours. We help you share facts, listen to the hyper-connected world and discover ways to profit through adding real value, offering superior choices, and providing expedient advice. Together, we can build trust, nurture loyalty and make budgets work harder – and smarter.
All brands are built through conversations
Everywhere, anywhere communications shatters the vessels of silo thinking. The sales cycle is closer than ever. How you engage has changed. Maintaining your presence as a highly available and useful resource encourages customers to remain loyal to brands that they know and respect. It’s what we strive for at Silver.
Great account management is all about building relationships and earning trust. At Silver we strive for 100% client satisfaction across all our accounts. It’s a high target, but anything less than this would represent a comprise.
My Clients trust that I have their best interests at heart. We have transparency, consistency and honesty when it comes to say costing a campaign. They trust that we have knowledge and understanding of their products, but more than that; we understand their vision and share in their belief.
We offer no half measures and no fair weather account management. In a time of Bring Your Own Device and global communications there is no more ‘doing a job’ only total immersion and absolute engagement. Clients have multiple projects and many pressures. A fast and effective response to brief that instills confidence and ultimately drives a project through to completion is vital. Being an extension to the client’s team, spending significant time onsite and enjoying face time, being a positive presence is all part of what we do.
At Silver I believe we have built a great culture. We enjoy our work. Our customers become our friends. We are really loving the experience.
Posted by
Darren Clarke
Senior Account Manager, Silver Agency