10th March 2016

Facts tell, stories sell.

In today’s world, with an increasing number of communication channels becoming available, there are more messages than ever before with more people (and brands) telling them. So the challenge to cut through the noise and communicate your message so that it will not only be heard, but remembered, has become that much harder.

Whether it’s sharing your business’ mission or selling a product, buyers want to know why you are right for them and in an age where customer choice is border lining on unlimited, selling the datasheet just doesn’t cut it. Communicating your messages as a story that your customers can connect with can transform a brand from ordinary to extraordinary as well as be a determining factor in brand and campaign success or failure.
The reason why? People retain stories, and they find it easier to recall things that can be put into context. A story will help your customers bond with a brand and not only inspire action, but lay the foundations for a long and fruitful relationship that will leave them asking for more – so not only is this far more effective than the datasheet, it’s much more exciting too!
But storytelling is not only a B2C marketing tool. Whilst there will be some obvious differences, you’re still talking to people and need to find a way to connect with them. A good story can be just as compelling for an IT Manager looking for a new networking supplier as it is for a consumer who wants a new smartphone. The key difference is not only connecting with that IT Manager, but being able to connect and create a synergy with the business as a whole through understanding who you are (as a business), who your customers are and being able to identify and expand upon your synergy in an engaging way – so when it comes to asking the question; “As a business, it this the right supplier for us?” The answer is a no-hesitation yes!