4th March 2016

Evolution Not Revolution – how agencies benefit from regularly adding new perspective

From an agency perspective, changing by evolution and adding a new point of view not only keeps ideas fresh, and maintains a keen vibrancy – which is key to providing the energy in which agencies thrive upon. But it also promotes a culture of different ideas and ways of thinking.

Clients thrill at the creative ideas of their agency, creativity is the paramount reason for hiring one after all. But what happens when the client is no longer inspired by the creative they see? What happens when heaven forbid, the client gets what they were expecting?
In most cases, at this point its time for the client to get a change of agency. But where did it all go wrong? They may find themselves asking, scratching heads.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

You have an old car, lets say it’s an Audi Quattro for the petrol heads reading this – it has racked up the miles, served you well and most importantly, looked good whilst doing it. It has an iconic look for the era it was built in, and after weighing up the cost of buying a new one which doesn’t have that romantic look to it you decide on investing in new parts.
Starting small you might need a few components here and there, and with a new coat of paint you have that straight off the factory line look, and smooth drive once more. Ready for the next adventure and more years of fun, driving your loud, thirsty engine through tunnels with the windows rolled down.
Evolution means a gradual change over time, this aligns itself with healthy growth and a strong business model.
Revolution is a sudden radical change brought by force, usually with a sizeable fall out and rather messy – clients do not want revolution.
By growing client accounts with regular contact and familiar faces, an agency isn’t just a creative service to be levied. It is a partner in a client’s long term marketing strategy, adding new blood to that mix serves to keep the content fresh and edgy.
Silver has grown from a small team of key individuals to a group of over twenty in less than a decade, and a blossom of new faces in various departments to bolster them and add to the continued overall growth of talent at Silver, with six permanent new faces in the past twelve months collaborating on diverse projects for a similarly rising client list the demand is being met and the creative is maturing with each addition to the gang.
New ideas don’t grow on trees, they come from having an encouraging creative atmosphere where ideas are welcomed and the easy option is challenged, this all comes from having perspective.
There is a well known saying – “you are only as good as your last gig” (not sure who quoted that one first though) so having new blood free to express an opinion or an idea, and challenge the status quo means that the creative in a creative agency is never allowed to relax and take a break.
An agency that evolves will always be current and looking ahead of the curve, right where clients want us to be lest they get what they were expecting.