19th September 2015

enjoy your milk and cookies

The client must receive a positive experience every step of the way throughout the journey. A good rule of thumb is to under-promise and over-deliver, setting expectations from the beginning. A swift response is always very impressive to a client, providing regular contact, updates and touch points.
The key is to never take your client relationships for granted, encouraging continuous feedback and always be prepared to make improvements and react to your clients needs. Consider rewarding your loyal clients to a lunch or a drink from time to time and calling them to let them know about a new service you may offer in-house, this will provide a personal touch and keep you at the forefront of their minds.
In summary there are 5 key elements that you can do to provide great customer service in marketing services. These include:

  1. Good communicational skills
  2. Manage your clients’ perceptions
  3. Good time management
  4. Develop relationships
  5. Provide a unique experience

These factors are very important to any business as it’s a leading indicator of client retention and loyalty. It’s cheaper to retain clients than acquire new ones so for any growing business you should ensure the service you deliver is to the highest quality and more importantly provides the client with a unique experience.
One of the new breed of hyper connected savvy communications experts, Laura Derby is a vital part of the Silver Client Accounts Team