29th May 2015

engaging your ecosystem of business leaders

It’s essential you provide fresh, new insights, inspirational ideas that challenge their perspective on business and the way they run it! Ideas with the power to transform. The stories that describe and illustrate this must also excite an emotional human response – The ‘why did this work to move customers along a brand journey’ as well as the ‘what did you do’ is crucial here. Through careful planning you can engage these sharper than sharp movers and shakers and move them to act…
It’s imperative to have a clear understanding of their wants, their needs and their priorities and tailor your messages accordingly. But understanding their needs is not always enough. You need to show that you can empathise with their current position and demonstrate how you’ve helped others in that same position move forward. Share the brand stories that made the brand great and the obstacles that were overcome to achieve the successful result.
Credibility is of utmost importance. Without this it will be difficult for you to get them to take you seriously. If you can influence their peers, even better – it’s always useful to have third party endorsement and praise from people you’ve done business with, especially when they have the power to move their colleagues and friends to act.
To be successful you must present a new way of thinking and doing things – something that challenges the current way of thinking and captures the imagination. So what will get your business leading ecosystem talking, not just listening!
Jeremy Bliss is a strategic Account Manager at Silver. His ability to stimulate and present compelling customer stories is bearing influence on his own ecosystem.