23rd March 2018

Empathy should be the marketing buzzword you care about

Executing empathetic marketing effectively can be the difference between a hot prospect and a profitable customer. We’re currently in an era of big data and automation that are driving business decisions. Of course, this has a huge part to play in our marketing activities, but the human, emotional side of marketing holds the key to success.

What is empathy?

The word empathy derives from the emotional connection that people have with art. Since then, it’s evolved to define the emotional connections between people. It’s how humans attempt to understand an individual’s suffering through emotional resonance – you can relate to the emotion an individual is experiencing.

Treat customers like friends

Marketers understand the importance of understanding their customers. Life would be so much simpler if customers made purchasing decisions based on facts, but this isn’t the case. Up to 90% of our decision-making is unconscious, so the better we can understand a customer on that emotional level, the more effective our customer experience is.
We need to treat our customers like our friends. Listen to them, show them that you understand what they’re going through, and offer them a solution to their problems. Put yourself in their shoes and make sure that you’re providing real value to them.