9th April 2013

Dividing a nation, sending the world a’twitter

Margaret Thatcher’s death yesterday did, of course, take the social media world by storm. With 900 posts per minute in the first 3 hours of her passing, the whole world was debating, sharing and tweeting their thoughts about Britain’s only female Prime Minister – and it seems she divided the nation just as much in death as she did in life.
Statistics tell us that a staggering 43% of the mentions were negative, while 30% were neutral – leaving just a tiny 18% of the population speaking positively of the ‘Iron Lady’. Research was also able to reveal which countries were talking about her the most (the UK was in first place, closely followed by America) and even which gender was mentioning her the most (65% male, in case you were wondering).
We also know what her mentions were most associated with (Nelson Mandela, Ronald Regan and milk) and the keywords that were related to the conversations (government, politics, Falklands and, bizarrely, Frankie Boyle – to name but a few). We even know that the hashtag #nowthatchersdead managed to distress and confuse thousands of dedicated Cher fans into thinking their musical idol had passed away.
All this information isn’t just fascinating to read, though. Yesterday’s social media frenzy is also of interest from a marketing perspective for two reasons – firstly, that social media is arguably the most powerful form of communication in the world right now, and secondly that we can now gain a detailed insight into audiences through social media statistics. Which means that marketing and advertising campaigns can be more targeted than ever before.
Social media is changing the way that businesses connect with their customers and equally the way that people connect with companies. If you are not yet utilising the power of social media to grow your business and target your customers, now is the time to get involved – before you get left behind.
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