20th November 2014

digital trends for 2015

Mobile domination

Following on from our blog last year where we discussed the value of mobile first design and development, it has now become clear that mobile is here to stay and dominate over the next year.
In Q1 of 2014, smartphone ownership was just below laptop ownership at 61% and 63% respectively (Source: Ofcom Market Research Report 2014). Mobile figures will certainly grow well into 2015 and beyond.
Delivering your next campaign to a mobile first audience will more than guarantee a rise in leads and engagement. Your users expect to be served an experience that is designed for their device, stacking the content is no longer good enough. Having well thought out user experiences will reap its rewards. That’s where Silver can help you deliver your next project, designing user experiences based on research into your business, your user’s trends and habits we’ll design and build these experiences so that your users get the same experience no matter what device they access it on, creating a stream of leads into your business.

Video content

With 84% (up from 57% in 2006) of UK households connected to the internet (Source: ONS Internet Access 2014) and the rise of online TV and film streaming services, users are now watching what they want, when they want.
This trend means that users are now more likely to engage with your brand if they have been party to video content throughout your channels.
Creating engaging, meaningful and thought-provoking video content for your next project will more than just tick a box, it will get your prospects excited about your brand and more likely to click, call or visit.
Silver have produced world class videos and animations for clients across multiple industries, check these out on our Silver Video Wall.


With the launch of the Apple Watch early 2015 and Android’s Wear already out, 2015 looks to be an exciting time for marketers and agencies. The advent of such wearables will introduce new opportunities to companies trying to keep up with their users. Apple and Google will lead the way in pushing what can be achieved with their wearables, developing next generation sensors and notifications to help a user in ways they thought weren’t possible.
We expect to see businesses taking on board payment methods such as Apple Pay to make the purchasing experience more streamlined, and also developing new ways to monetize wearable technology.
2015 promises to be an exciting year for the digital world as technology edges even closer to being an extension of our bodies.
Adrian is our Head of Digital and leads our research into the next generation digital platforms, methods and tools that will help deliver results for our clients. To find out more about Silver’s Digital offers please visit our digital marketing page.