7th March 2013

D is for Digital Princess

The child is set to be the most tweeted, blogged-about and photographed baby in history, and the first of many world leaders with a digital trail following them from birth. With the nation and indeed the world clamouring for pictures of Baby Cambridge, William and Catherine will have to lay themselves bare to the media like never before.
So how should they embrace this? Take note from Sweden.
The Crown Princess of Sweden has been using Facebook and social media to great effect since she gave birth to her first child, Estelle, in February last year.
Photos of mother and child were released on Facebook for all to see within hours of the birth, and it didn’t stop there – subsequent monthly photographs, professional portraits, baptism pictures, holiday snaps and intimate 1st birthday images were all shared with the world via social media.
The openness of this relationship between the Swedish Royals and the media is surprising, but really, they couldn’t have been any smarter. By giving the press access to a library of images, the Crown Princess has never been more popular and there has never been a demand for paparazzi shots.
We can only hope something similar will happen when Baby Cambridge arrives, but I believe that the Palace will tread with severe caution when it comes to social media, lest they face future ‘Price Harry in Vegas’ scandals.
With centuries of the family’s heritage and public image at stake, it is likely that the new dawn of open royalty will unfortunately not begin with our Digital Princess.