16th April 2013

Designs of the Year, Design Museum, London

The work ranged from app design to the Olympic torch design to garment design to cigarette packaging. One of the most interesting pieces for me was the Australian cigarette packaging. I was unaware of the strict compulsory regulations regarding the purchasing of cigarettes in Australia. Logos and branding are banned and a large area of the packet expressed one of the health warnings that come with smoking. The packets are made up of Pantone 448C, a dreary dirty green with a graphic photograph, market research showed that this colour had the least appeal to smokers. There are no logos and the only copy is very minimal, which arguably may reflect the importance of packaging, consumerism and the brand. In addition to this, the packets are now stored behind counters rather than on display. This means that consumers have to ask cashiers directly which has also meant that demand has reduced. It is interesting to see the impact packaging has made to a consumer product, let alone something like cigarettes, a very highly demanded product, despite negative connotations.
It is also fascinating to see that this method has made a difference – will other countries start to take lead?
The exhibition will be up until July 7th, so make sure you guys check it out! Buy your tickets online here