13th December 2017

Deliver on your promises

The distilled essence of the story to be conveyed and the underlying creative territory that together form the ‘big idea’.
But how do you come up with it? What should it cover? And how ‘big’ should this big idea really be?
The good news is that creating a compelling and workable campaign proposition is less about black magic and more about working with the assets already at your disposal. Product documentation, performance benchmarks, competitor analysis etc. The clever thinking comes when focusing on the specifics, and identifying the lead messages best suited for the demands of both the campaign and the audience.
Not that you should stop there.
No, next you identify the real value being delivered by the product or service in question. Are they designed to make tasks quicker, smarter or cheaper? Do they help customers stay secure, or to achieve even greater feats during daylight hours?
And we’re still not finished.
Not until we’ve covered the final piece, and the hardest part of all – uncovering the human truth that underpins the overall message. A truth that manifests as an emotional PROMISE – be it to worry less, love what you do, or simply to get home in time to see the kids.