24th August 2018

Deliver killer direct mail campaigns with these 7 tips

Although many communications are now done digitally, direct mail remains a key tool in the overall marketing strategy of most organisations, as they can be a very effective way of achieving tangible and measurable results.
To celebrate being shortlisted for this year’s International B2B Marketing Awards, with a direct mail campaign we created for Dell EMC, we thought we’d share a few useful tips to help you plan and deliver killer direct mails in the future.

1. Pinpoint your market

Who will you be sending your direct mail to and why? The more specific your target audience, the better your messaging will resonate with the audience and the more effective your campaign will be.

2. Focus on benefits

Make sure your copy emphasises the benefits to the consumer rather than the technical features of your product or service. Most customers will value cost saving, peace of mind, simplicity and quality.

3. An effective headline and call to action 

The headline is crucial in any mail piece because if you don’t grab the audience’s attention, they won’t be compelled to engage with the rest of your message. Then, focus on what you want the recipient to do. Be clear, direct and consistent with your call to action.

4. Considered design 

You don’t want to invest time and money on your piece, only to find that you could have saved money by designing or sending the piece differently. Take your time to get all the components right.

5. Make it personal

Personalise your campaign as much as possible. Don’t limit this to just the envelope or introduction – you should use the recipient’s name where you can. Also, real pictures of you or your company can help to create a personal connection with your audience. Stock imagery isn’t always the answer!

6. It shouldn’t stand alone

You’ll see a higher response rate from your direct mail if you integrate it with other marketing tools – but consistency is key across all communications. If possible, follow up with an email or phone call to all recipients, whether they responded or not.

7. Stay in control of your list

As you receive feedback and responses, you should keep your records up-to-date. Also, having your sales team regularly communicate with your existing clients will help to keep your internal list accurate. This will be a great benefit for future campaigns.
We hope these tips will help you with your next direct mail campaign. If you’d like any help from us, you know where we are!