15th January 2015

content marketing for human engagement

The landscape of media consumption is constantly changing for consumers and shows no signs of reaching a ‘new norm’. To remain relevant, brands need to know how to engage and connect with their audience on their terms.
In this ever-changing landscape of media consumption, one element is omnipresent: you can’t just sell to people any more. There are truly global opportunities for the brands that listen, engage and meet the individual needs of their customers and prospects.
As modern marketers, most of us recognise that a content marketing strategy needs to be progressive. The fixed, serial campaign mentality needs to be broken. Yes, you still need an editorial calendar, but it needs to be flexible enough to adapt to inspiration and insight.
The inspired ideas and compelling stories are the ones that light up the social media networks and pass from one person to the next, leaving the bland, confusing and uninspiring brands to dissolve into insignificance.
Whatever the future of content marketing holds, you can be sure of one thing: the audience will continue to be in charge through the way they choose to consume information.
Brands will need to continue to listen and adapt their approach making relevant, emotional connections with their audience. Further advances in marketing technologies, such as automation, will enable ever-more targeted and relevant stories to be told.
Dan is an expert in lead generation and nurture marketing models. His programmes have impacted the fortunes of Times Top 100 companies. Dan is also Business Director at silver.agency