5th February 2016


Diversifying the elements for maximum reaction
First of all, a team’s potential is the sum of all its constituents. This is why Silver recruits a wide range of employees for its teams. A broad range of skills from filming to finance and beyond, a variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds and some unique and hilarious personalities are what set Silver team members apart from the rest. This means that each member in Silver has something new and original to bring to any project.
Silver (Ag) = Creative11 + Accounts8
The creative team and the account managing team at Silver function separately. This allows the creative team to power through their projects at high speed and come up with engaging solutions to creative problems whilst the account management team handle client and supplier relationships and manage finances.
Both sides have strong teamwork between themselves: they share experience and knowledge whilst assisting each other to reach targets. For instance, in the creative team, the graphic designers create the design elements that pass onto the digital designers to create a webpage. Or perhaps a motion designer might even teach another designer the tools necessary to animate some elements themselves. These are some examples of the ground level teamwork, but the real magic happens when the two worlds, creative and accounts, collide.
You can throw all the chemicals into the beaker but only a certain combination will create the right reaction.
One of Silver Agency’s greatest strengths is the way it divides it’s team up, only to blend it back together again. To elaborate, Silver strategically teams up graphic designers, motion designers and account managers in changing combinations to achieve the best solutions and overall experience for its clients. An account manager gathers the brief information from the client, the account manager teams up with designers to create the best solution to the brief, then the brief is executed by the designers. From here on, each major level of progress, from draft to completion, is relayed back to the client by the account manager. All the elements react in the right order to produce desired solution
Silver Agency’s teamwork helps develop strong and positive client relations whilst creating engaging and original content. The catalyst for this reaction is the fluid communication between team members. The close knit quarters is the open system which keeps the communication so fluid between team members, whilst the mobile nature of our account managers, (frequently present at both the Silver office and at client offices) is what boosts the communications between Silver and it’s clients.