21st September 2015

Building an Effective Marketing Engine. Content is King!

Marketing and selling to customers used to be a very straightforward process. However the traditional marketing funnel is now defunct.


Business can’t rely on interacting with the customer at the end of the cycle. The new ‘E’ customer is information rich and can choose what they think is valuable from social sites, forums or other trusted sources. Upto 60% of B2B customer buying decisions are already highly influenced before engagement with a Sales team. Therefore as Marketeers’ we need to adapt to this change. The marketing funnel has evolved and is no longer a straight line.


Each journey is unique and content needs to be relevant to that journey and available in media of a customer’s choice. Prospective customers consume content in their own way, and with rich communication channels now including video, mobile and social the right content at the right time has never been so important.

In our web-driven world creating content that customers actively seek out to consume creates an opportunity for brands. A brand, positioning themselves as a thought leader, changes the traditional sales approach of ‘look how amazing we are’ to ‘look how helpful we are’ and builds trust with the consumer.

Understanding what is of ‘value’ and then delivering this content across multiple channels is what lies at the heart of building an effective marketing engine.

Silver exists to communicate your brand truth with inspiring ideas, and compelling stories. We will help you to create the belief.

Darren Clarke is Ace Account Director at Silver Agency. He has been creating engaging content for more than fifteen years.